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Stormwater Drainage

Normal weather like rain or storms can cause issues that would be inevitable without the systems that are usually integrated into our homes. Regular maintenance of your stormwater drainage systems is paramount in keeping rainwater from flooding your property and damaging it.

What Is Stormwater Drainage?

The stormwater drainage system is a network composed of numerous elements, both on public and private property, that direct rain and storm water towards ponds, lakes, and rivers, keeping it off the land and buildings.

Unlike the sewer system, this system does not direct the drained water to a treatment plant, since this water is not contaminated like the one coming from our drains.

What Kind of Stormwater Drainage System Should You Have at Home?

The most obvious rain and storm water management elements of your home’s infrastructure are the stormwater pipes connected to your roofs. These pipes direct the stormwater toward a rainfall catchment and from there to a drainage system underground.

In Australia, the most common types of rainfall catchment areas are piped ones or surface ones.

Field inlets are drainage inlets that are put within the open ground to prevent stormwater from collecting in lower areas of a field.

Raised fencing is also designed to not interfere with the natural overflow of stormwater toward collecting points, or drainage elements in the system.

There are many elements like pipes, inlets, drains, and ditches that you can have on your property to ensure that stormwater is properly directed towards the municipal drainage system and prevent it from collecting on your property or infiltrating in your house structure.

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How to Maintain Your Stormwater System?

It is very important to include the stormwater system in your home’s maintenance plan. Every season, but especially during Spring or after a big storm, you must check all your rainfall pipes and catchment areas, drains and inlets, and remove any kind of debris that was collected.

If you notice any pooling or infiltration on your property every time there’s heavy rain, you might consider adding stormwater drains or modifying the landscape’s structure and slopes. In order to do that, you have to consult a stormwater engineer who can assess the effectiveness of the existing structure, and decide what’s the best option for your property.

Can We Help?

If you are having issues with your stormwater drainage system, contact Steve Bennett Plumbing and consult the experts there on what solution is best fit with your home’s and land’s structure. We can help you find a cost-effective solution as well as aid with plumbing maintenance and repairs.

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