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Hot Water Systems & Services

Your water heating system is one of the most important functions in your home, and a large part of your budget goes monthly on that.

Whether you are fitting your new house or getting a hot water system replacement, choosing a new water heater is a decision that should be weighed carefully, since there are many solutions to choose from and the one you make will last you for decades.

There are a number of different types of hot water systems and we will help you choose the best one for your home.

Natural Gas Heaters

An economic solution for the long-term, natural gas water heaters are cheaper to use than electric heaters but will cost more at the time of the purchase. They are typically gas storage heaters, which means that the water is heated and stored in a hot water tank to be used when needed.

A gas hot water system can also be tankless, heating the water instantaneously, as you need it. We highly recommend this type of system for its energy efficiency as it can help you save up to 30% compared to heaters with storage tanks. Their excellent energy efficiency is due to the fact that this type of water heater avoids energy loss.

Gas Hot Water Heaters & System | Steve Bennett Plumbing
Hot Water Heaters & Systems | Steve Bennett Plumbing

Heat Pump Water Heaters

Heat pumps are another very popular type of water heater. They can be used in a combination both for heating your water and your rooms. These systems move heat around, rather than creating it themselves, which makes them very energy-efficient.

Solar-Powered Heaters

Solar cells mounted on the roof capture the sun’s heat and transfer it to a fluid that harvests the energy and heats the water in the tank. These kinds of heaters fueled by sustainable energy are increasingly affordable and popular. The big disadvantage is that cloudy days will immediately be felt in the lack of water heating.

If you live in a climate where there are plenty of sunny days in a year, you can safely choose a solar hot water system.

What to Consider When Choosing Hot Water Heaters

When choosing your water heating system, besides considering the capacity, fuel type, tank or tankless, and so on, you should also consider hot water service costs in the long run. Hot water system repairs can be costly, so getting affordable plumbing service for your new system is also important.

An experienced, professional plumber is the best qualified hot water specialist to give you the best suggestions when it comes to the new hot water service you want to buy. They can explain the advantages and disadvantages of all systems and help you find one that fits your needs and budget.

We at Steve Bennett Plumbing have plenty of experience with all types of water heaters and we can offer consultations on what would fit your home best, plumbing repair and maintenance services, and installation services for your machine.

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