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Blocked Drains Sydney

One of the most annoying problems homeowners face is having the sewer system drain clogged and multiple blocked drains in their house leaking permanently. This kind of issue might be a hassle to solve. After all, your sewer pipes are buried underground so that they are protected and out of sight.

Once the diagnosis is done and you have established that your overflowing drains are caused by a blockage in the main drain, you have little choice but to call a plumber. The most common signs of drain blockage are leaking drains and blocked toilets.

Blocked drains can be caused by a lot of things, the most common ones being organic debris from the bathroom (mainly hair) or kitchen oil being poured down the drain instead of being collected in jars, tree roots infiltrating the pipes, or other foreign objects.

To prevent getting your sewer drain blocked, always be aware of what goes down your drains, don’t discard oil in your drain system, clean them regularly, and know when to call the pros.

Blocked Drains Solutions

Drain cleaning is best to be done by professionals since they have the right tools for the job and the experience to know what to use. Calling a plumber for such a problem is highly recommended instead of trying anything yourself because it’s already an issue relating to the structural integrity of underground pipes.

The plumbing company experts can use different methods for getting rid of this problem.

High-pressure cleaning is one of the most common methods to unblock drain pipes. A pipe with a sewer nozzle is sent through the clogged drains, pipes, or gutters you are dealing with, and water is released using enough high-pressure to break down and push out the clog.

Professionals can also use robotic cutters when the clogs have been removed, but there was some damage and they need to realign the pipes. The cutters are sent inside your sewer line and remove the old, damaged lining to prepare the pipes for relining.

Pipe relining is done to repair the pipes from the inside out, a trenchless solution that many homeowners will be happy to use.

Blocked Drain Cleaning | Steve Bennett Plumbing

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Blocked Drains Sydney | Steve Bennett Plumbing

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